Introducing Air Touch

The Gestoos™ Air-Touch solution transforms any touchscreen or digital display into a TOUCH FREE experience by simply adding a sensor!

Let consumers interact worry free from a safe distance by emulating the touch experience.

How does it worK?

Licence Prices by Screen volume

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Technical Specifications

The Air Touch solution in frontal set up works with a depth sensor (see recommended list below) placed right on top of a screen or at a specific height above the screen.

Set up options

Interaction - Distance to screen

Depending on the placement of the sensor the interaction can be detected up to 1 meter from the screen.  

The range of interaction in width and height varies according to the depth sensor model. 

Interaction - areas

Hands can be detected from 30 cm below the sensor onwards. The height of the sensor placement determines interactive and non-interactive areas.

Recommended & supported Sensors

Sensor model information

For information on recommended sensor placement for typical screen sizes please refer to the brochure "Gestoos Airtouch Specifications" which you can download here.